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What are Extended Services?

Extended services help to deliver the aims of ‘Every Child Matters’, a government initiative calling for all organisations involved in providing services to children and young people to work together toward five key outcomes.

The core offer

The core offer of extended services comprises of five elements:
  • childcare (in primary and special schools)
  • a varied menu of activities including study support, sport and music clubs
  • swift and easy access to targeted and specialist services
  • parenting support including family learning
  • community access to facilities including adult and family learning

Through extended services we have the opportunity to develop a range of out of school activities and services that we will be able to offer to pupils, parents and the wider community. These activities and services will be developed to meet the needs of our local community. So keep visiting our website to keep in touch with the new developments as they happen.


Extd Services
  Autumn Term 2010




Extended Services